Readymade Meals & Instant Mix

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Achari Gravy (200 gm)

Achari Gravy: Slightly tangy, full of flavours this delicious North Indian gravy is made with p..

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Awadhi Biryani Gravy 200 Gm

Awadhi Biryani Gravy: Coming straight from the land of nawabs, this biryani gravy is slow cooke..

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Bare Food Dried Tomato Slices ( 50g each pack)

Our savory solar-dried tomatoes  are a delicious and tangy snack you can munch on, add to your ..

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Bhuna Masala Gravy 200 Gm

Bhuna Masala gravy: Taste of Punjab in a jar!  A rich brown-red blend of onion & tomat..

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Butter Chicken Curry Spread 200 Gm -17%

Butter Chicken Curry Spread 200 Gm

Who needs regular butter spread when one can get a package of butter as well as chicken on-the-go? L..

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Butter Masala Gravy 200 Gm

Butter Masala Gravy: A smooth and thick blend of cashews, butter, and tomatoes. Experience auth..

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Chettinad Chicken Curry Spread 200 Gm

Have you been longing to visit Chettinad just to grab the spicy chicken gravies? Why waste..

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Chettinad Gravy 200 Gm

Aroma of unique Chettinad spices, flavor of onions sauteed with curry leaves, and authentic taste of..

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Chilli Chinese Gravy 200 Gm

Chilli Chinese Gravy: An iconic Indo Chinese gravy extremely popular in Indian sub-continent.Wh..

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Gulabs Rasam Masala (Pack of 2, 100g each)

A fine and balanced blend of ground whole spices, lentils and aromatic herbs, this rasam masala powd..

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Gulabs Ready to cook Rava Upma Mix (Pack of 2, 100g each)

Gulabs Upma is a healthy instant meal, true to its classic South-Indian origin. Each pack of this de..

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Hyderabadi Gravy 200 Gm

Hyderabadi Gravy: A special aromatic curry made in Hyderabadi style using chicken, coconut, yog..

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Kerala Roast Gravy 200 Gm

Kerala Roast Gravy: An aromatic & flavorful malabar gravy whose spiciness is balanced with ..

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Korma Gravy 200 Gm

Experience the taste of cuisine from the Mughal era. We bring you a rich & glazy gravy infused w..

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Kundapur Ghee Roast Gravy 200 Gm

Kundapur Ghee Roast Gravy: An iconic ghee flavored fiery red, tangy and spicy sauce cooked..

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