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Anjeer and Dry fruits Laddoo 250 GMS

Anjeer ( fig ) laddoo ( completely sugar free ) Anjeer , Almonds, Cashew , Pista, Chironji..

Rs.300.00 Ex Tax: Rs.300.00

Gud Dry fruits south Laddu 250 GMS

Gud dry fruits south  laddoo : Gud, Alsi, Sonth, Raisin ( kishmish ) , Almonds, Cashew , Pista,..

Rs.300.00 Ex Tax: Rs.300.00

Khajoor Laddu 250 GMS

 Dates ( khajoor)  laddoo 250 gmsDates , Raisin ( kishmish ) , Almonds, Cashew , Pista, Ch..

Rs.250.00 Ex Tax: Rs.250.00

Wow Dry fruit supreme (12 pieces) 440 Gm

Bursting with rich dry fruits and nuts, a feast in every bite.Selected rich dry fruits with khus khu..

Rs.740.00 Ex Tax: Rs.740.00

Wow duet (12 pieces, 6 each of 2 types of laddus) 440Gm

Assorted Dry Fruit Supreme and Golden Grain LadduDry Fruit Supreme Bursting with rich dry fruit..

Rs.690.00 Ex Tax: Rs.690.00

Wow Laddus Golden grain (12 pieces) 220Gm

Gold standard whole wheat in a duet with gloriously crunchy and rich nuts.Whole grain ground and lig..

Rs.625.00 Ex Tax: Rs.625.00

Wow quartet (12 pieces, 3 each of 4 types of laddus) 440Gm

A delicious overload of awesomeness with an exquisite assortment of Dry Fruit Supreme, Golden Grain,..

Rs.840.00 Ex Tax: Rs.840.00