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Mango ball 150gm

MANGO BALL CANDY 150gms pack. Mango ball candy is made with mango flavour. Delightful..

Rs.99.00 Ex Tax: Rs.99.00

Nutty Truffles 400gms

Nutty Truffles - Soft Ganache rolls balls which melts inside your mouth to blend with taste of loade..

Rs.850.00 Ex Tax: Rs.850.00

Almond Brittles (Badam Chikki) 200 GM

Badam Chikki or Gajjak or Caramel Almonds Brittles is a traditional Indian snack passed through the..

Rs.300.00 Ex Tax: Rs.300.00

Bites Pista Treat 130gms

Bites Pista Treat  Available for Bite count of 12 pcs / 12 gm each bite . These ..

Rs.399.00 Ex Tax: Rs.399.00

Bites Roasted Almonds 130gms

Bites Roasted Almonds This pack contains Roasted Nuts & Coffee Gold Chocolates .-10pcs ..

Rs.475.00 Ex Tax: Rs.475.00

Brittles (Almond & Cashew Nuts) 200 GM

Badam and Kaju Chikki Chikki or Gajjak or Caramel Brittles Almonds & Cashew Nuts Nuts Brittles ..

Rs.300.00 Ex Tax: Rs.300.00

Gur Chana Badam Bite 400 GM

Dhampur Green Gur Chana Badam Bite is loved by one and all! Super healthy and super tasty, this des..

Rs.499.00 Ex Tax: Rs.499.00

Gur Chikki 300 GM

Super food, antioxidant, micronutrients, instant energy, iron-rich, immunity booster Cholesterol F..

Rs.225.00 Ex Tax: Rs.225.00