Cold Pressed Oil's

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Jivika Naturals Cold Pressed Pure, Natural & Unrefined PEANUT/GROUNDNUT Oil (Extracted In Wooden Ghani)5 Litre

COLD PRESSEDOur peanuts are sourced directly from Maharashtra and Wood Pressed at under 45°C, ensu..

Rs.2,230.00 Ex Tax: Rs.2,230.00

Jivika Naturals Pure, Natural & Unrefined Cold Pressed, Wood Pressed White Sesame Seed Oil (Extracted In Wood Ghani)5 Litre

COLD PRESSEDOur Sesame Seeds are sourced directly from Gujarat and Wood Pressed at under 45°C, ens..

Rs.2,560.00 Ex Tax: Rs.2,560.00

True Oil -Coconut Oil for Hair Growth, Skin Care, Cooking & Healthy Metabolism, Anti-dandruff (1 ltr)

Made from garden fresh coconuts, 100 percent natural and cold pressed.Skin care, hair care, baby car..

Rs.1,225.00 Ex Tax: Rs.1,225.00