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Bare Food Dried Tomato Slices ( 50g each pack)

Our savory solar-dried tomatoes  are a delicious and tangy snack you can munch on, add to your ..

Rs.360.00 Ex Tax: Rs.360.00

Eastern Himalayas Cinnamon powder (50g each pack)

Procured in its natural form from Wakro, a small place nestled in the Mishmi Hills in the district o..

Rs.198.00 Ex Tax: Rs.198.00

Red Masoor Dal Split- pack of 1 kg

Masoor dal or red lentils is a commonly used lentil in the Indian cooking. An extreme..

Rs.170.00 Ex Tax: Rs.170.00

Sugar -48%


Sulphur free Organic Sugar,this is an organically crafted sugar, which is made from organic sugarcan..

Rs.250.00 Rs.130.00 Ex Tax: Rs.130.00

Urad Gola ( Whole)- Pack of 1 kg

White Urad Dal is a whole or split urad with its skin removed. These lentils are crea..

Rs.210.00 Ex Tax: Rs.210.00