Tencha Green Tea (Pack of 15 + Tumbler)

1. Re-energizes your mind: Slow release (120-140mg) caffeine per drink, the Iced Matcha Cold Blend is sure to wake you up from morning fatigue and break your afternoon slump.
2. No crashes, anxiety, or jitters: Sustain your energy levels without the jitters holding you back.
3. Perfect Pre-workout boost: Heading out for a run or preparing for an intense session at the gym? Ramp up your energy and endurance for the perfect, clean pre-workout boost.
4. 12 Calories only: A guilt-free pleasure, with a low-calorie count of 12 calories per 300ml drink. What's more, matcha is known to speed up your metabolism to make you feel better and more alive.
5. Antioxidant-rich: Bursting with powerful antioxidants that help cleanse your body, the drink removes impurities and provides clean energy throughout your day.
6. Pure Japanese matcha: Sourced straight from the heart of Japan's Shizouka district, we've accented the flavors of matcha to a perfected blend.

20 months from date of manufacture

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Tencha Green Tea (Pack of 15 + Tumbler)

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