Cold Pressed Mustard Oil (Extracted In Wooden Ghani) 1000ml

    Our mustard seeds are sourced directly from Rajasthan and Wood Pressed at under 45°C, ensuring that the oil retains all the nutrients from the original oilseed.

    Mustard Oil is a staple in all Indian Kitchens. The versatile nature of Cold Pressed Mustard Oil allows for aromatic tadkas and flavourful curries.

    Cold Pressed Mustard Oil is a great cleansing agent to unclog pores and stimulate sweat glands. It is also a great conditioner for maintaining healthy and nourished hair.

    Mustard Oil can be used for deep massages which help relieve aches and pains, while also strengthening your body from the inside.

    Inhaling steam with Mustard Oil or massaging it onto your chest are both effective ways to combat various respiratory ailments.

    We at Jivika specialise in producing raw and natural products in line with the teachings of Ayurveda. We understand that good food can be the best medicine, and we aim to bring this good food to the world. We at Jivika share a significant portion of our earnings with the farmers that work with us. So every product we grow and create comes with a promise of hope and prosperity.

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Cold Pressed Mustard Oil (Extracted In Wooden Ghani) 1000ml

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